Community alerts in Canisteo, NY | Canisteo Village Police Department
Protocol for an Emergency: Call911
For Non-Emergency: Call 607-698-4211

Be Aware and Stay Safe

At the Canisteo Village Police Department in Canisteo, NY, our main goal is to protect the community. Please be advised of the following wanted individuals, local sex offenders, and missing people. If you are aware of the whereabouts of any of the wanted or missing individuals, please contact us immediately.


Active Village of Canisteo Warrants

-Traci L. Francis, DOB 4-10-76, Last known address 288 Canisteo St., Hornell, NY

-Michael L. Christensen, DOB 12-13-69, Last known address, 107B Coates St., Elkland, Pa.

-William H. Bettencourt, DOB 4-11-87, Last known address, 132 Prospect Ave., Apt. 21., Middletown, RI

-Brian D. Hogan, DOB 7-4-73, Last known address, 17 Pearl St, Hornell, NY

-Douglas C. Conner, DOB 1-14-75, Last known address 228 Grand St., Hornell, NY

-Nevada J. Anderson, DOB 11-23-84, Last known address 49 Bennett St., Apt. 201., Hornell, N

-Jayme R. Corette-McMahon, DOB 10-2-94, Last known address 44 Russell St Apt A, Canisteo NY

-Brandy M. Wise, DOB 9-13-78, Last known address 11935 SW 230th Ct, Dunnellon FL

-Christopher G. Yoder, DOB 5-27-76, Last known address 605 Hill St, Lebanon PA

-Gary S. Naylor, DOB 12-10-76, Last known address 5903 Edmondson Ave, Catonsville MD

-Diana D. See, DOB 6-6-68, Last known address 30 Russell St, Canisteo NY

-Ryan C. Terrasi, DOB 06-27-89, Last known address 17 Azalea Ln, Marlborough MA

-Tanya J. Sanchez, DOB 07-30-1976, Last known address 229 Wilder Street, Rochester NY

-Matthew P Ceccarani, DOB 03-28-1979, Last known address 915 Throop St, Dunmore PA

-Douglas R. Miller, DOB 06-14-1992, Last known address 65 Church St, Hornell NY

-Cierra M. Paciorek, DOB 08-26-1996, Last known address 67 Redwood Circle, Painted Post NY

-Jacob R. Eygabroat, DOB 03-27-1978, Last known address 3 Haverling St Apt 25, Bath NY

-Scott W. Adams, DOB 04-13-1981, Last known address 8 Howard Street, Hornell NY

-Cody R. Stuart, DOB 07-14-1996, Last known address 122 Hill Street, Hornell NY

-Jacklyn L. Walker, DOB 08-03-1985, Last known address 48 East Ave Wellsboro PA

-Harley A. Marble, DOB 03-06-1994, Last known address 6124 State Route 21 Alfred Station NY

-Tyler J. Fisk, DOB 08-28-1991, Last known address 4311 County Road 48 Belmont NY

-Sean A. Kellogg, DOB 02-19-1996, Last known address 449 Canisteo Sq Apt 301 Hornell NY

-James B. Hilligus, DOB 02-11-1974, Last known address 8790 Larue Road, Bath NY

-Christopher W. Gee, DOB 01-04-1971, Last known address 120 Route 249 Middlebury PA

-Adam J. Hosmer, DOB 05-27-1988, Last known address 3040 Steve Rd Avoca NY

-Amanda Womack, DOB 08-24-1992, Last known address Unknown

Any information pertaining to these warrants, please complete the warrant information form or call the Canisteo Village Police Department at (607)-698-4211.

Missing People

Sex Offenders

Click on the links below to see registered sex offenders in your area.

For more information about sex offenders in other areas, please read New York Alerts and Family Watch Dog.

Protocol for an Emergency: call 911. For non-emergencies and to provide information on any of the individuals listed on this page, call 607-698-4211.